wabi sabi moe 2016,
discovering japanese calligraphy culture

with Monica Dengo and Satsuki Hatsushima

Each day students will take tours with Monica and Satsuki.

We will attend a day long paper making workshop in a traditional paper making shop; visit a Kuzu factory,be guests at Satsuki’s home which is an authentic handcrafted rural Japanese house, with a thatched roof made of grass, wood and soil; attend a tea cerimony; visit Sennyoji Temple and the Kyushu ceramic museum; take the train to Tenjin, in the heart of Fukuo- ka, to experience city life; visit ink and paper shops as well as department stores to look at packaging design and much more.

Every day we’ll have some time to spend in class, either in the late afternoon or evening. Each student will make a sketchbook and Monica will guide them to include in it all the elements of this unique experience, with a particu- lar attention dedicated to the subtle beauty of wabi sabi moe (Wabi sabi= aesthetic sen- se in Japanese art emphasizing quiet simplicity and subdued refinement, Moe= sprou- ting). Satsuki will give short presentations of Japanese culture and concepts relevant to our calligraphic interest.

Arrival date: May 29, 2016

Departure date: June 6, 2016

Location: We will be based at Niji no matsubara Hotel in Karatsu, Southern Japan, by the beach.


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