Arezzo Italy - Books by Hand workshop 2007

Arezzo 18/25 October 2008
Instructor : Monica Dengo
Guest teacher : Cristina Balbiano


Books by Hand is a calligraphy, design and bookbinding workshop. We created handcrafted books, according to the best traditional crafts and using contemporary expressive calligraphy.
Students developed two personal alphabets, designed the book content and made it’s binding.This course has been organized in collaboration with Satsuki Hatsushima, president of Studio Ponte, a latin calligraphy school in Japan. Students Comments: Those days in Arezzo were very intense. We worked a lot. We had so much fun. We ate the best food ever.
But to me, the must important part was to share the experience with so many talented people from different parts of the world. Monica’s support was very open and encouraging. In the end, it was amazing to see the final result.

After many days of hard work, the books were spectacularly beautiful and diverse. What a wonderful workshop! Marie Marcano, Miami Usa Thank you so much for offering such a unique workshop with you. Your teaching on creation of a new alphabet was refreshing and very helpful to me. It was also good to see the wide variety of writing styles of the talented participants.
Chieco Hirose, Tokyo Japan The most beautiful gift you have given to me is the sense of freedom that I took back home with me: the feeling that it's up to me to make things happen and the freedom of doing what I feel.
Cinzia Ruggieri, Italy It has been a wonderful experience. I really hope to meet everyone again at your next workshop!
Arianna Mobili, Germany and Italy Your class and the time in Arezzo, was a wonderful experience. I can't thank you enough for making it happen. The course, the peple, Italy .. all were superb!
Debra Dick - Philadelphia Usa Thank you again for making this workshop great for all of us. We all Japanese had a wonderful experience and reached very high levels compare to before.
Satsuki Hatsushima - Fukuoka Japan.
It has been a really good experience, thank you so much for the opportunity you gave me to teach to this group.
Cristina Balbiano - Italy

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