Arezzo Italy - Books by Hand workshop 2008

Arezzo 18/25 October 2008
Instructor : Monica Dengo
Guest teacher : Cristina Balbiano

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Books by Hand, a calligraphy, design and bookbinding workshop: books entirely made by hand, from binding to text in experimental calligraphy. The course, which takes place each year in the medieval city of Arezzo, in Tuscany, Italy, is organized in collaboration with the Arezzo Public Library.

Students' comments:

It has been a really good course: very intense, totally creative!
We worked very hard and many of us went beyond what they would normally do. This is certainly true for me: I made a big progress and, modestly, I'm truly satisfied with my work! I am very happy! Can I give you a couple of suggestions? Ban the cell phones! (Answer: We will do it. Monica) and it's a pity we couldn't listen to music all the time (Answer: this is also in my list for next year. Monica). I find that music helps to concentrate and "kills" the chatting. However, these are only two minor details compared to the joy and satisfaction you gave me with your course, your teachings, your suggestions. Thank you very much! Manuela Ferretti - Switzerland

Your workshop has been most inspiring for me and made me re-think about my own workshops.
I would love to take my students to a library to study real manuscripts, I will need to find out if we have some in Argentina and if this is possible. I will also teach them the crown book or some of the bindings we were taught by Cristina. Marina Soria - Argentina

It was an honour to meet you. I am inspired and in awe of your depth of knowledge. Italy, Arezzo and the people were amazing.
Shaheen Ahmed - England

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The library where the class was held:


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