calligraphy by mail

Is a calligraphy correspondence program consisting of three courses. The courses have been running as Graphò, by Monica Dengo and Thomas Ingmire since 1996. Now the courses offered by Monica Dengo have been translated in Italian. Versals course, offered by Thomas Ingmire is available only in English.

The works of students who have completed the courses in the past years, have demonstrated that one can learn, and greatly improve, by participating in these long term correspondence courses. Students from many countries, including the United States, Japan, Italy, Belgium and Australia have studied calligraphy with these courses. Students can choose to subscribe to any one of the courses and need no previous training.

To participate at the correspondence courses you need to join the association CIAC Centro Internazionale Arti Calligrafiche

Go to application form at CIAC websit

calligraphyFOUNDATIONAL based on Carolingian

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handwriting by mail

Handwriting is a powerful means of exspression of our personality and our humanity which belongs to all of us.
It's practice means cultivating it as a passion. The new handwriting courses, taught by Monica Dengo, are offered by correspondence and on-line which meansthat students can participate from thir home.

Italic handwriting is a course to improve handwriting, and to learn the forms and rhythm of Italic writing,it is there fore the perfect introductory course to learn Italic with a broad edge nib.
The course for Aspiring calligraphers is an introduction to historical calligraphic alphabets. Thought for children, it is useful for adults too.

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iconBook: Freehandwriting
This book offers an introduction to the history of handwriting the study of basic italic historical examples and contemporary developments.

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