Summer School: germany, Klingspor Offenbach 2007

Several themes were explored in these 2, four days workshops. Some of them are listed below. This workshop was attended mainly by teachers and people who have been studying calligraphy for many years. I was impressed by the ability of everyone to explore new ways of looking at writing and calligraphy, working as if they were just starting over, again!
Thank you to everyone, it was a great experience!


Signatures: As the advent of movable type made handwriting flourish, so the digital age makes any handwritten mark an invaluable imprint of humanity. Any handwritten note, an erased word or even a scribble have a powerful impact on us.
Signatures are a nearly unexplored field of experimentation when we look at them simply as visual personal marks.
The tag, so often present in the visual field of our daily life, is a special form of signature that one cannot use on legal documents.

The importance of Handwriting:

- Legibility is fundamental: what if letters are not so legible? Can they still communicate? What does illegible writing communicates? Does it make sense at all? If so, what is valuable about it? - What is handwriting? let's define it and find the differences with type, calligraphy, drawing. - Can type substitute handwriting? If not, to what extent makes sense for type to copy handwriting? - If handwriting has its own value which cannot be substituted by type, can we identify these values?

Writing as cultural expression:

The perfect performance of a beautiful letter versus a mistake, an insecure mark, an erased word, a scribble over a wrong word. An expression of doubt and insecurity can be of great vitality and sensibility. If the art of handwriting is a gesture of self expression (as I write in my web site) then this art needs to embrace honesty and not only performance, vitality rather than perfection.

Images curtesy of Franke Dierman.


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