Classes and workshops taught by Monica Dengo, range from the study of classical letterforms and original manuscripts, to contemporary expressive writings and codes. Students from many parts of the world have studied with Monica and have developed, not only personal styles in writing, but a new approach and a new vision of written communication.


Anyone interested in the arts of lettering, calligraphy and verbal/visual communication is invited to apply. These courses are particularly valuable for graphic designers, type designers and artists.

calligraphy classes

The Idea

By studying the history of Western writing from the Roman Empire to present time - historical forms, typography, and font design - students develop a practical understanding of an evolution that has had strong psychological, social and cultural influences on us. Handwriting, which seems to hold less and less value in our society, is an important means of communication of our emotions, humanity, intimacy and innermost energy.
The classes' aim is ultimately to broaden the handwriting visual, expressive and artistic potential.

Freehandwriting.net offers calligraphy and handwriting courses by correspondence; the calendar of workshops and classes offered by Monica Dengo in Italy and abroad; articles and handouts to teach handwriting to children; ideas about the art of calligraphy; links to students who are now applying calligraphy in their profession; links to people whose work relates to calligraphy and handwriting.

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