Jardin Galerie children's artwork in New York City

Jardin Galerie is a virtual and a physical gallery for children in New York City. Four times a year they hold exhibits featuring children from local schools and arts organizations with input from children all over the world working on the same theme.


Jardin Galerie was founded on the principle Art is important in child development, communication and education. This principle is based on several beliefs: Through the focused practice of a theme-based Art curriculum, young children construct and multiply their first mathematical instruments: proximity, separation, enclosure, order, and infinity.
Through Art, children learn to communicate - read and write -in a way that is natural and effective in a peaceful and fun environment; Art develops the "whole child" cognitively, emotionally and socially; Children express their own unique version of cultural heritage through Art. Monica Dengo is looking for teachers and educators interested in collaborating and in gathering kids work on the sabject of handwriting as art.
The works will be selected and exhibited at jardin Galerie. The copy book Le Penne in Pugno can be used as foundation along with additional material provided by Monica Dengo.
For info email Monica.



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