San Diego, California - workshop

Replace Legibility With Creativity

Some notes of Monica's lecture, by Yvonne Perez-Collins:

"Start with type ….question all the rules, break them, get closer to handwriting." Cursive writing never fully developed in Western writing where it was linked to business, government and commerce, where letterforms were easily recognized.

Cursive was more developed in the Eastern regions of the world where it was linked to literature, poetry and women were often the scribes. We often look at details, but forget to see the big picture.
Step away from your work; really see the composition of the marks. Watch proportion of black and white on the page.


"White space on paper is the time of thinking for the brain."
The more you explore, the more you see the complexity within the simplicity of the black and white.
You put down your cultural knowledge when you put your marks on paper. They represent your knowledge of how gravity works, the physical way that you read books, and even your relation to the wholeness of life.

This workshop was made possible by Risa Gettler, Susan Richardson, Viviana Lombrozo, Yvonne Perez-Collins, Dee Anderson, Cary Joel and Kathleen Morgan.
A special thank to Risa Gettler and Susan Richardson!

Images curtesy of Viviana Lombrozo.


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