Summer in venice: The art of handwriting - report

From August 21 to 28, 2009
Teachers: Monica Dengo, calligrapher;
Monica Viero, curator of the Correr Museum Library;
Piero Lucchi, director of the Correr Museum Library.


From an article in the local newspaper "La Nuova Venezia":

The charm of calligraphic art

It's not true that we are excessively used to computer keyboards. Today, there are still people who take an airplane to learn the art of writing by hand. Thirteen students of nine nationalities arrived at the Museo Correr in Venice (Italy, Usa, France, Belgium, Switzerland, England, Hungary, Ireland, Russia) to take part in an international workshop on freehandwriting, held by artist and designer Monica Dengo. The occasion, in fact, was truly unique because students had the opportunity to study directly from ancient manuscripts: from XVI century Chancery hand to XVII, XVIII and XIX century correspondence. The intent of the workshop was primarily the exploration of lines, marks and movements to give life to new artistic forms: from sculpture-books to abstract images which from a distance recall musical pentagrams.
"The essential is to grasp the harmony and musicality of marks - explains Monica Dengo - to create entirely new art works". The course was directed at calligraphers, artists, designers and, in general, to the lovers of written marks.
Among the participants to the course - which lasted one week - there were even beginners. "Having the opportunity to have such a close up look at ancient manuscripts has been a unique and unrepeatable experience", says Nadia, who comes from Russia. "For those like me who never participated in a similar course, group work helps you learn more easily" adds Sonja, an American. The works were obtained using nibs and other pens, ink and cotton paper.

Silvia Zanardi


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