From October 1 to 8, 2011
Monica Dengo, calligrapher


The art of handwriting CONTEMPORARY CALLIGRAPHY: A gesture of self-expression.

This year, on the occasion of the 54th International Art Exhibition open from June 6 to November 30, 2011, the calligraphy course will be held in the International Gallery of Modern Art, Ca' Pesaro, the foundation of which was directly connected to the birth and development of the Venice Art Biennale. Located on the third floor in the Palazzo, the Oriental Art Museum, also plays an important role in this course.
Handwriting will therefore mainly be analysed and practised as an image, emphasising its ability to communicate as a form, sign and gesture of the hand, and therefore of oneself, since it was thanks to art that it was rediscovered in the western world as a form of expression followed by the considerable development of its visual potential. By following the original forms of western letters and a comparison with Oriental art, a non-verbal sign will be developed that encompasses the alphabet, working with music, using both hands and experimenting with the different writings with a wide range of tools. Each participant will make a series of books of large dimensions, and also be responsible for the binding.

Course participation
The course is open to all lovers of handwriting, calligraphists, artists and designers. Beginners may also take part. Those who already participated in last year’s course may follow a personalised course under the guidance of the teacher, focussing on individual work.
All lessons will be held in English and Italian in the rooms of the International Gallery of Modern Art, Ca' Pesaro.
The number of participants in the course will not exceed 20.

Saturday 1 October 2:30 pm/5:30 pm
Programme presentation, distribution of the materials and handbooks.
Guided visit of the Gallery and the exhibition by the Museum director.

Sunday 2 October, 9:30 am/5:30 pm
Study of the form of letters, the ductus and its development from the Roman Capital of the Chancellery handwriting to our everyday writing.
Practice with various square point nib tools

Monday 3 October
Day off Tuesday 4 October, 9:30 am/5:30 pm
Visit to the Oriental Art Museum located on the third floor of Ca' Pesaro, to study the art and writing of other cultures in comparison to western traditions.
Design and development of one’s own alphabet.

Wednesday 5 October, 9:30 am/5:30 pm
Exercises to develop gestural expressiveness: Writing to music, writing standing up, writing with both hands.

Thursday 6 October, 9:30 am/5:30 pm
Page and book design.
Creation of pages with textures of letter, illegible texts and compositions of signs.

Friday 7 October, 9:30 am/5:30 pm
Binding of the large books with pages made during the previous days without using glue.

Saturday 8 October, 9:30 am/1:00 pm
Exhibition of all the works and end of course.

€650 per person. The participants will receive handbook, dossiers and the materials they need for the activities foreseen in the course as well as a Museum pass to visit the Museums belonging to the Foundation (Doge’s Palace, Correr Museum, Ca’ Rezzonico, the home of Carlo Goldoni, Palazzo Mocenigo, International Gallery of Modern Art Ca’ Pesaro, Glass Museum, Murano, Lace Museum - Burano, Natural History Museum).
The participants will also be given a 20% discount at the Café in Ca’ Pesaro for those who wish to go there during the lunch and/or coffee break

Read the complete program:

Download the Brochure: 3rd International Calligraphy Workshop.pdf




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