The 6th course of calligraphy in Italian and English, lasting a week and held by artist Monica Dengo, will be a double offering this year: ever participant will be able to attend one of the two modules or both

As usual, the workshop will be held at the historic library of the Museum Correr, to offer everyone the chance to examine antique manuscripts personally, and at Ca’ Pesaro – International Gallery of Modern Art, where they will be able to experience the potential of handwriting as a means of artistic expression. Both modules will conclude with the realization of a book by each participant..


October 2-3- 4, 2015
An Art of Concentration

Every handwriting is unique. Every line is a declaration of our existence and because it is alive, it is imperfect.Italic or humanistic cursive developed in the Renaissance and is currently known and written in many parts of the world. Its inner rhythm facilitates the understanding of the relation between manual gesture and breath, between gesture and body who produces it.

In this course we’ll explore the infinite rhythmic possibilities of italic handwriting, using all kinds of instruments and materials, both traditional and non-traditional We’ll also observe historical handwritings of humanists and artists such as Michelangelo or Galileo Galilei. Every student will develop its own version of italic hand and will produce a handmade book.

October 6-7-8, 2015 WRITING BY HAND Space and Line, an asymmetrical dance

Writing by hand is act we perform with spontaneity while respecting the many rules acquired since childhood: following lines, respecting margins and spaces. Lines in a copybook are a grid, a structure that holds our gestures into definite spaces. In this course, after observing the structure and composition of pages written in different historical periods, we’ll break all the rules, one by one. We’ll work on white pages, researching new relation with the space. Every student will make its own handwriting compositions and will produce a handmade book.

ps: Those who will attend both workshops can use the italic hand developed in the first to work in the second. Students who will attend the second workshop only and have no knowledge of italic hand, are welcome too.

Read the complete program:


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